Involvement of patients and other stakeholders

Patients can bring an expert voice to health care research through their unique experience and knowledge gained through living with a condition or illness, as well as their experiences with treatments and the health care system. Patient engagement in research is increasingly recognized as being one way to enhance the quality and acceptability of research to advance health care policies and practices. Patient engagement — with patients not as subjects but as collaborative partners — will ensure that patient priorities and perspectives are reflected in research outcomes, with the end goal of increasing relevance of health-related research to patients.

We are going to invite patients with chronic diseases and other stakeholders to collaborate with us in all aspects of the project. Patient involvement ensures better representation of patient perspectives, and it also helps preventing a potential mismatch between their preferences and the scientific focus in our research. Patient engagement in the planning and execution of our research will also improve its translation into clinical practice.

Today, MOBILIZE cooperates closely with 8 patient partners and family members.

Photo: Hanne Rasmussen, PROgrez

Other stakeholders

In addition to patients, MOBILIZE is working closely with a variety of decision makers, health care providers and researchers to ensure that our research is relevant and responsive; inclusive and collaborative.

Clinical advisory board
Uffe Bødtger, Consultant in Pulmonology, Associate Research Professor, Naestved Hospital
Peter Gæde, Chief Physician (Endocrinology), Associate Professor, Slagelse Hospital
Sidse Arnfred, Senior Consultant (Psychiatry), Professor, Psychiatry West,  Slagelse, Region Zealand Mental Health Service
Christine Bodilsen, Head of professional development, Exercise and Health, Municipality of Roskilde
Jan Overgaard, Research and Development Physiotherapist, Municipality of Lolland
Gives guidance and advice on recruitment, practical setup and ensures study progression and implementation locally in the departments etc.

Clinical reference group
Annie Paikjær Raaby, Occupational Therapist, Slagelse Hospital
Dorthe Brøndum Rasmussen, Physiotherapist, Naestved Hospital
Dorthe Rommerdahl, Occupational Therapist, Naestved Hospital
Rikke Lyshøj Jensen, Lead Occupational Therapist
Pernille Villumsen, Physiotherapist, Slagelse Hospital
Contributes the clinician’s perspectives on setup, the exercise therapy program and ensures study implementation

Finn Kamper-Jørgensen
Retired Physician & Epidemiologist
Consulted about health care system and implementation

Mogens Hørder
Professor, DMSs, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark
Consulted about patient and public involvement

Alison Hoens
Knowledge Broker & Clinical Professor, The University of British Columbia
Consulted about knowledge translation

Julie Midtgaard
Associate Professor, The University Hospitals Centre for Health Research, Rigshospitalet and Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen
Consulted about behavioral change techniques, adherence and retention

Kirsten Rask
Member of the Regional Council of Zealand
Consulted about political matters and barriers relevant to the project


Consulted about treatment and implementation-related aspects


Consulted about treatment and implementation-related aspects