Communication and dissemination of study findings will focus on three groups: researchers, clinicians and other health care professionals, and the lay public. The project is considered to be integrated knowledge translation, as people with multimorbidity and other stakeholders are involved in the entire research process, including dissemination and outreach. This also increases the chances of successful knowledge translation and implementation as the relevance of the research findings to end users is likely to be high.

Approaching the end of the study, the project team will meet with relevant stakeholders and the scientific advisory board to discuss the most effective dissemination and outreach plan. The results will be communicated in scientific papers, at relevant conferences, to a broader audience in the news and social media, through online support tools including multimedia and print education resources, in oral presentations and popular science magazines. At least 13 peer-reviewed publications are expected to result from this study. Due to their novelty, the main manuscripts will be submitted to leading, multiprofessional, open access journals, ensuring on-line access that is free of charge to readers.

Implementation of exercise therapy and
education program in clinical practice

If supported by study findings, a model for implementation of the tailored exercise therapy and education program in clinical practice will be developed. Workshops informing the stakeholders of the application of the results will be organized and directed towards the different levels of stakeholders identified. The workshops for people with multimorbidity and their families will have a particular focus on reaching different subgroups, e.g. people with lower socioeconomic status and people with more chronic conditions, to ensure that the results benefit all relevant end users.

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